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2 May 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation III. Contract
§§.9. Set-offs

(3) J.B.'s repugnance

What fell into my hands, as above The pittance what which without any design
of mine, fell into my hands, as above, I could do no otherwise than avail myself
of, as a necessary means of preserving myself from indigence.
But I know of no degree of indigence that would
have compelled me either only to offer to abandon, or,
willingly to while the contrary was in my power, ever to
consent to abandon, the joint cause of the public and
the prisoner — of public economy and moral reformation
which I had so long been in hope to serve to which for so many years long a course of years I had been
permitted to flatter myself with the hope of rendering such essential service.

Even now where that, by the [exercisable] strong hand of power
this hope has in conclusion been taken from me, and with it the
slender and inadequate resource just mentioned, never
has be would a word so hateful as this of compensation
had become, to me, issued either from my lips
m from my pen or from my lips, had it not been
forced into them by the same irresistible hand: and now of late lately
when, under the pressure of disappointment and the
recollection affliction produced by a variety of incidents the contemplation of a course of occurrences
of the nature of which on this occasion it would not a sense of propriety withholds me
on this occasion from giving any the most distant intimation, my alacrity readiness
to obtrude myself upon the public justice in the character of a burthen in that invidious character has not corresponded
failed of corresponding
failed as it should in coming up seem, of coming of keeping pace with with the masters expectations
and good pleasure wishes of their Lordships the Lord Commissioners of the Treasury, + my
reluctance has been at once recorded and censured,
by a Minute made an transmitted to me for the
declared purpose of compulsory intimidation + + Mr Secretary Wharton
to Mr Bentham,
13 April 1813, enclosing
a Treasury
and never never
I must confess did I ever in the whole course of a life of
65 years did I ever sit down to any task with a heavier more tenderness
heart of heart, and correspondent consciousness of inaptitude for the task than that which has accompanied the penning
of this paper, on
which my Arbitrators
have now to decide.

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