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2 May 1813 +
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
* (5) (1) J.B.'s repugnance
J.B.'s services

2. by S.B.'s Navy
Copper sheathing Services

II. Pecuniary services rendered by the ch Co Claimants

2. It was upon a consideration of the in consequence of the business in question ingeniously by the ingenious ingenuity
the supposed to have been displayed by my Brother him my Brother in the
of the Panopticon plan principle of architecture, and in the
invention of that instrument system of mechanism on
which there has been such frequent occasion to speak of,
that Earl Spencer, at that time First Lord of the Admiralty
was attracted drawn to my to the spot (I mean my present residence) at which where those objects were
exhibited. It was by the scientific information displayed
in the ensuing course of the ensuing conversation and correspondence that that ensued that
the Admiralty Board at in and by a Letter signed by sanctioned by the signatures of
all the Lords Commissioners, without were led to give my Brother that
invitation, the acceptance of which placed him in the an
new created situation office created as above for the purpose, the office viz. the Office of Inspector General of his Majesty's
Naval Works. It was in the execution of the
business of that Office that he found means to render to the public
these services to the servant of I know not who
those signal essential, and unquestioned and unquestionable services,
many serv of which a fate similar in re some
respects to my own has lately just now called upon him
and compelled him to give in a list, of which a single one
article article, the only one with the invention of which I mean on this occasion to trouble my Arbitrators consists of in the having, in the course of a few years,
put the public in possession of a saving, to the net amount
of £40,000 a year, in the single article of copper
, by a manufactory, set up in Portsmouth
Yard and conducted by himself, the whole of the capital money
which for that purpose it became necessary to advance
in the shape of capital, having for some years past been
already reimbursed. The Account — a very particular
and, if I am not misinformed an undisputed and undisputable
and undisputed one, — has been for some time past been at the Admiralty
Board or the Navy Board, or both.

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