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21 April 1813 1o ?
Panopt. Compensation Claim J.B.'s reluctance
to compensation


As to the propriety of the arrangement, by which on pain of losing
the greater part of my subsistence, together with all my prospects,
I am reduced to thus to use my endeavours to be cast as in the character
a burthen upon that public w to which I had for
so many years been accustomed to console and find myself with the assurance
of being residency in a pecuniary shape as well as so
many others the most essential as well as conspicuous
my Arbitrators can not be more fully sensible than
I myself am, how improper it would be on their incompetent it would be to their function
part to take cognizance of any observations of mine on my part [+] even they were so
well or ever so ill-grounded

in relation, to that topic, and therefore how incompetent
be my situation to offer to them any such observations.

But that perhaps it may not be improper
they should be apprized of, and fully sensible of bear in mind is
the extreme reluctance repugnance with which reluctance
that to the it was with Administration and not with
me that the idea, of my exchanging the for money — money
to be paid out of the public purse the situation for
which the public faith had for such a number of years
and on so many different occasions and from so many
different quarters been pledged to me that the originated:
that on my part, as often as it was proposed to me, any proposition to that effect was made
it never experienced was received with any other than sentiment than
that of the most strenuous and unsurmountable reluctance: repugnance
as a last proof of which, in lieu of the many
others which if called upon I would could give, I will here
take the liberty of referring to a Letter of mine to Ld Sidmouth
in which to the compleat abandonment of that same annual profit
which I had been accustomed to reckon not by
thousands but by tens of thousands, I offered to take upon
myself the gratuitous management of the establishment for
the purpose in question upon a plan of my own plan as
delineated in my various
writings works on the subject,
subject to dismissal
by the King and Counsel
at any time
without any compensation.

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