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23 Apr. 1813
Panopt. Compensation Claim C Expenditure Account

1 11

On this occasion it can not but be manifest to every
considerate eye with what a combination of galling and
disheartening circumstances my lot on this occasion is encompassed.

1. One is that which regards the first of the above three
heads grounds of claim: property of expended in the shape of
capital upon the profit-seeking inventions, nipped in the bud as
above on the two fatal day, days on which as stated in my never
contradicted but continually confirmed evidence as reported by published
the Finance Committee: I yielded paid obedience to the reiterated commands of
the First Lord of the Treasury and the Home Secretary of
that day to take my arrangements.

On this occasion, the material course requisition — and what
on every ordinary occasion would be an uncontestably reasonable
and indispensably requisite one — is draw up and give
in your account — So much as you shall have proved to
have expended in the concern in question, so for so
much you will have credit given you: for so much and
no more.

What is not in my power is to give in any
such account. But what is in my power — is to
shew by what causes that operation has been placed out
of my power and to shew, if I do not over flatter
myself, to the satisfaction of my Arbitrators — to produce
such a general ac
shew that my inability to produce
any such particular account, no blame to the purpose of
the practical conclusion in question is imputable to me — and
to produce such a general account such as, under the very
extraordinary circumstances of the present case, will to the
present purpose be considered as being as entitled/fit to be accepted in
the character of an adequate succedaneum or equivalent to such particular one.

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