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24 Apr 1813
Panopt. Compensation Claim 1. Capital expended
(2) 16 Deficit all claimable
Dissipation none

To the actual expenditure were to be will here be added, as losses upon
the private concern, and my treaty transactions with Administration Government
together, the following heads of loss

1. Loss by sale of land at inadequate prices, under the pressure
of necessity, partly before the authority received as above, from
the First Lord of the Treasury and the Secretary of State, for taking
my arrangements, partly by the delay and final accession of
on their part to take the corresponding arrangements.

2. Allowance to my Brother during the years 1792, 1793
1794 1795 and 1796 for his personal expenses. In 1791 He
came over from Russia (in which service he was Colonel
Commander of a Regiment) upon a furlow with no other supply than
what was calculated to serve him for a few months.

Upon his embarking on the abovementioned pursuit his
own share in my father's property by settlement and will
together being too inconsiderable to be in on the present occasion
worth distinguishing, I placed the whole of my property [for
that purpose] at his disposal. He being 9 years my junior,
and as it happened in respect of education as it were
my Ward, I reposed in him on that occasion that unreserved
confidence, which I have never either then or now
conceived myself to have any reason to repent of. Since
as I thought myself of compli of unbounded amplitude,
though such was our mutual confidence that every idea of bargain
in respect of fixation of shares was mutually
by us he being at that time in the flower of youth [ coming over came over returned
from that country with what in respect of the of his services
in the repulse of the Turkish invasion] and in
so far as the superintendence of his inventions admitted of received into hiring
in the first companies between about £200 £300 and £400 a year a year more or less
which was about the amount of the his expenditure could not by me
his Brother regarded as too high an allowance were it only to
a Freeman capable of inventing and as well as superintending
a manufacturing concern of such high promise. Little had I either
myself or he imagine
that for any such expenditure
any incident should
ever call upon us to give render
account to any body.

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