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25 April 1813
Panopt. Compensation Claim III Contract
(2) Bookkeeper

With the impression this strong upon my mind of the necessity
of the most perfect mode of Bookkeeping to be
employed for giving an account of the public money as so soon
at it should come into my hand — with this impression
and not merely a sense of necessity of the operation, but
actually a strong taste and relish for it, as demonstrated
in the above book together with as well as in manuscripts
of mine not edited, the cause why no Accounts
capable of ensuring the constituting the basis of a claim ordinarily circumstanced
can be produced, is simply this:

Every now and then, as the works were going on,
and the money going out, it would happen to me in
conversing with my Brother whose abode was all along
at my House, to start the subject, and give expression to
those wishes, of the existence of which in my mind it
were not possible for him to entertain a doubt. But so
often as any wish of that sort was expressed so often did
I observe that it was far from pleasing to him: nor was
I at all at a loss to understand the cause. To add invention
to invention, and superintend the execution of each
while tonnes of information and assistance was to be looked
out for in great variety and abundance, and in many instances journeys performed
in quest of them, was work sufficient for one man,
especially to a man of his habits and of his condition in life.
To have engaged an additional person in the character of a
Bookkeeper would have produced more expence in addition to
those which were already felt pressed but to heavily. While on my
part my mind was kept in a state of constant agitation
by a train of altogether unexpected delays, disappointments and mortification
in every shape, the so was his every now and then,
though in an inferior degree by the various difficulties, to which all new
interposers in every time in general and the time ofmechanism in particular
are so much exposed
are in so great a degree

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