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§.7. Rates of profit in pari materia

unsuccessful would, at any rate, consume time and labour; and as
in the next place, though, in relation to this point, the success
were ever so complete, still, to any attempt to calculate the —
correspondent Rates of profit, great difficulties would be found
opposing themselves, it seemed better, after affording the general
indication thus afforded, to forbear attempting to trouble the
Arbitrators with any such details, unless, in their view of the
matter, it should prove to be necessary, with relation to some specific
and practical purposes.

7. Observation the 7th. Giving to the Reverend Gentleman's
management, whatever credit can be desired for all other
desirable qualities, yet, as to what concerns the only result here
in question, viz. — pecuniary profit, it will not, I imagine, by any
eye whatever, taken even at its highest point in the scale of
felicity, as above, be regarded as affording any thing like a fair
sample of the profit reasonably to have been expected, with
the help of such peculiar advantages as those which in the
Claimant's Case, have been brought to view. No doubt but that it
would have been possible to have produced, even upon so large
a scale as the Claimant's, pecuniary results still less profitable
than what appear to have been produced by the management
conducted upon that small scale: but, in looking out for the degree of
pecuniary success which under the circumstances of the Case ought to
be regarded as most probable, my Arbitrators will not, I flatter myself
look upon it as proper for them to fix their eyes exclusively either
upon the least profitable result which it is possible to conceive,
or even among so many as have been brought to their view, upon
those by which the lowest rates of profit has actually been afforded.

Of any literary labour performed by the Reverend Manager in
the vineyard of pecuniary economy, no fruits appear to have
been brought to view by the Reverend Gentleman — Of literary
labour performed in that same Vineyard — (not to speak of that
of reformation Vo.) by the Claimant, proofs, such as they are, are
in the hands of the Arbitrators.x
xSee the Work
intituled Pauper
Management Vo

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