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Panopticon Bill Leading Points

Sect. 1. General PreambleThis contains

1. An Historical statement of such facts as are as appeared necessary to form a
ground for the present bill Bill.
2. An Arithmetical statement of the pecuniary advantages held
out by it in comparison with the existing Penitentiary
Act. An advance to the amount of £ at least
£200,000 saved; annual expence disbursement reduced from
£21 a head (the expence disbursement of the Hulk plan) to £12,000
[So far the Bill: add to which the the commencement of the other advantages brought forward
from 5 years (the least time required for the building by the former
Estimates) to (I hope) less than one year.]

Sect. II. inserted Contract

1. Parliamentary Sanction given to the terms of the
Contract, so far as the Executive Department requires
the aid of the Legislative.

2. Provision for preventing preserving the Establishment from
falling to pieces in the event of any sudden vacancy
in the Governorship.

3. Provisions putting it into the power of Administration
to give the Establishment any future extension that may have have
been indicated recommended by experience: including a power of
consigning thither upon occasion prisoners of other descriptions, if in any
reason should occur for so doing instance reasons should present themselves for giving this wishing to employing
this prison in preference to an ordinary one.

4. Provisions defining and extending that part of
the offer than concerns the payment of Indemnification-money
for Post-liberation Offences. Grateful for the indulgence
I have been honoured with in relation to this article, I felt myself bound
it concerned me in point of honour not not to let it rest upon the foot See leave it a dead letter. For the mode [+] [+] mode of liquidating
the sum due, see
Sect. XI. Felon intituled Felony — Indemnification-money.

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