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Leading Points

Sect. VII intitled Postliberation Options:

Sect. VIII intitled
Metasylum (for shortness instead of Post-liberation Asylum)

Sect. IX intitled Friendly Guardianship.

1. A right given to each quondam Prisoner, to be engaged
at the Metasylum.

2. The quondam Prisoner bound to engage there, from Year to Year, unless
he preferrs and is received into any branch of the King's or Military Service, or
the E. India Company, Military Service, or can
find a Friendly Guardian to be bound for his good behaviour
and subsistence, also from Year to Year.

3. Powers of a Master over his Servant given to a Friendly
Guardian over his Ward, if the Ward can not f meet
with one upon better terms: if he can, the such power or any part of it may
be given up. The more valuable a member of society
a Quondam Prisoner has become or promises to
become, the better the terms he will have it in his power
to make. Such as happen to have persons of in
good circumstances and good credit for their friends, may
in this way obtain any degree of independence which in the
judgment of such their friends can be prevailed upon for that it proper they should have can be safely
be trusted with.

4. Power to the Guardian to surrender the Ward at any
time to the Metasylum, if no bargain to the contrary: —
or notwithstanding any such bargain, with the concurrence
of the Governor. This as much for the benefit of the Quondam
Prisoners as for that of the Public, by obviating
the apprehensions which a Friend or intended Employer
might entertain of undertaking such a Wardship.

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