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Observations —

II. Giving title a Title A second particularity is the giving to each Section a Title expressive of its

The innocence at least of this practice will not be disputed:
for where the title mention of the title is of no use
there is no obligation on any body nobody need mention it.

The use of it, though not of the first importance
seems equally indisputable.

1. Not only in this instance but in every other without In this instance as in all others
it is a matter of satisfaction at least
and relief to the apprehensionve apprehensive/ faculty that the name of a employed used to
thing distinguish a thing by should convey some intimation of its nature.

2. In the present instance it has a more particular
use, in the quality character of a preservative against miswriting
or misprinting. The significative name serves
as a check upon the numerical one. If a Section
is wrong-numbered, the addition of the significatio
title indicates the mistake.

III Giving A third particularity, is the giving in like manner a short title to the and
characteristic expressive title to the Bill itself.||

|| Note
— I could have
wished it had been shorter: but it has no word of that there is no word in it that
of it be could have been spared. To the Subject substantive Penitentiary Act, it was
necessary to add the word Panopticon as an the attributive, to distinguish it from
the Penitentiary Act already existing: and as also the
other attributive General to distinguish it from any
Acts that may eventually come to be made passed at any future time
for the erection of a particular Panopticon Penitentiary Houses for
particular divisions territorial divisions in the districts. End of the Note, —
To p.13.

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