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Escape Panopticon Bill
Observations with

Art. 8. This will certainly be objected to as a very dangerous precedent of giving a legislative
power of interpreting the laws to the King's Bench. It is true they exercise this power
already: but it is always under the Controul of a Jury, and many people will be shocked
at it when presented to them under a new form, who now see it every day without observation.

The King's Bench will think you very impertinent in presuming to give them a form
for making their rules.

than the being or pretending to be drunk or asleep or
drunk when any attempt either from within the prison
or from without was intended to be made?

The prisoners will be so numerous, their connections
of all sorts consequently so numerous, and in some
instances such as those of Receivers of stolen goods,
Smugglers and Dealers with smugglers, Forgers, Coiners &c
may be so opulent, that if the punishment were any
thing b
for a limited term, it might be made worth a
purse might be collected, such as might make it worth
the while of a Watchman to re undergo not only the
chance but even the certainty of incurring it.

This is exactly the same sort of offence, for which
in the case where the consequence may be s mischief mischief apprehended as distraction
f to an army from a foreign enemy, the punishment
is death: There the enemy may be in any
number, great or small: here the enemy is never
in less force than a thousand, and as there is no
army to oppose them, the country lies would lie at their mercy,
till an a little army could be collected.

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