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+ 3
V Requiem

5 6
Annuity found
to continue in the
hands of Jeremy
Bentham — subject
to the superintendence
of the Court

Art. 5 6 And whereas the adjustment of the plan of the
said Annuities in the most adva beneficial
manner to the situations and exigences of different
descriptions of individuals as a business that
may require to be monitored by experience that
may require the aid of experience to bring it to perfection maturity
And Whereas the idea of curtailing establishing a
the profit the fund for this purpose at the expence of the Governor for this purpose originated
with and was spontaneous on the part of
the said Jeremy Bentham [+] [+]And whereas
the productiveness
same being
to be raised out of
a portion of the
earnings of the said
Prisoners the productiveness
thereof will must
depend on the success
of his endeavours
to reap a profit from
their labour
Be it enacted that
during the continuance of the said Jeremy Bentham in the Office of Governor
the funds for the payment of the said Annuities
shall continue in his hands subject nevertheless
to the superintending power of the Courts
ordinary and extraordinary as aforesaid.

7 8
Annuities to be
paid always
at the National
Penitentiary House
& by the Governor

Art. 6 7 8.
Provided always that in order To the end that the
Annuitants may constantly and at all future times have always a certain place
and person to address themselves to for payment apply to, Be it enacted, that payment
shall always of such Annuities shall in course be made at the said National or from the said
Penitentiary House General Panopticon wherever situated, and through
the Governor thereof for the time being, who shall accordingly now stand always
stand stand charged therewith as towards the Annuitants,
saving to him his timely recourse against [+]2 [+]2 the private Representatives
of the said
Jeremy Bentham or
of any future Governor,
any other persons
wh who may stand alternately principally charged with the service with the chief same in chief

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