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V Requiem VI

8 9
Power to retain
the Quarter's
Annuities for the
purpose of paying
them by weekly
b instalments

Art. 9 And whereas the said Annuitants Annuities will for the most
part consist of persons be enjoy'd by persons who having been
in the habit of receiving their maintenance by weekly portion,
will have been unused to the receipt of large sums, a any other

And whereas the payment on the said
large large and sums, and may not be sufficiently provided with any secure
means of keeping the same And whereas if payment
Annuities if made quarterly in the lump
were to be made of the quarterly or half yearly payment
in every instance as they became due might
upon due upon the said Annuities were in every instance to be paid
in the lump as they became due, the moneys so paid might
in too may instances be dissipated long before
the next day of payment, during which interval
the annuitant might be as destitute
as if no such provision had been made,
Be it enacted that for the benefit of each
any such Annuitants the payment due on his
Annuity may at
Annuity may be paid either in the lump or
the director of the
Governor may, as often as
by weekly or other instalment any such quarterly
or half yearly payment becomes due, retain the same
in his hands for the purpose of issuing out the amount
thereof by weekly or other small sums according
to the occasions which such Annuitants may
have for money and the according to his ability he may have
to take of taking due care of the same.

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