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If At the expiration of the said period such
day of election as aforesaid, if the Prisoner shall not have
made any such election, such election being attested by the Sub Governor, the Chaplain the Surgeon or any two of them shall
thereupon be conclusive upon the said Prisoner
if he or she should have made no express election pro such refusal or omission being attested in like manner have refused or have omitted to make such make such election
such refusal or omission being attested in like manner, he or she shall be considered as bound to the Metasylum
as aforesaid for the term of a year as

If his option or her election be in favour of the Wardship
of a Friendly Bondsman Guardian, he or she shall at
the same time name such Bondsman Guardian, producing
at the same time a declaration making a written undertaking
expression of the consent of the person so
on the part of the person so named a written undertaking
named expression of his consent to take upon him such charge: which
said election shall in the event of the said
Bondsman's Guardian's having in the mean time notified himself as a good
and sufficient Bondsman in manner hereafter mentioned
be on that day three months (meaning to wit Calendar
months) be conclusive as well against the
said Prisoner as against the Governor

Art. If before the expiration of the Prisoner's term, such
If such intended Bondsman Guardian should die, before
the expiration of the Prisoner's having the Prisoner
become in any of the ways hereinafter mentioned become insufficient, the
may name another in his stead and so toties quoties,
provided that between the notice of consent on the part of
the Bondsman Guardian so named and the expiration of the
said term there be allways three months' time for the
justification of such Bondsman Guardian and the proceedings
preparatory thereto, in manner hereafter mentioned.

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