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made use of as a warning to escape, any Justice as
a Warrant of Capture and Conveyance may be
in any such case by any Justice as aforesaid
be given to on complaint made on the part of of such Guardian
and production of the all proper documents, be granted
to the said Guarding or his Agent any proper person on his giving him proper authority
for the said purpose: to which Warrant of Capture
and Conveyance may also be annexed a Warrant
of Assistance as aforesaid.

Upon application made by or on the part of such Guardian, the
Ward, may instead if being conveyed under the care of
the Guarding or his or Agent as aforesaid may, by order
of any Justice be conveyed either in the same County, or from County to County in the same manner as a
Vagrant under the Statute of the 7th Yr year of
the roy reign of King George 2d Chapter 5: ⊞ with like penalties in case of misbehaviour on the part of any person therein. in which
case such Magistrate Justice may cause the whole or any part of the expense
of such conveyance to be defrayed by the Guardian
so applying, causing the same amount to be handed over
from Constable to Constable together with the body of
the person so passed, in such proportion as to the
said Justice in his discretion may shall
think fit to order.

When In so far as local situation demands any such Ward
may make application to aforesaid the
such conveyance may
be performed by Sea or otherwise by Water carriage:
and with the consent of any the Master of any Vessel,
such Justice may for that purpose grant unto any such Master his a Warrant
for that purpose or Warrants as aforesaid.

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