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VII. Limitations and Conditions to which
annexed to the above Assignment.

First If the said F. B. should think fit to
Nevertheless there may

1. This power Assignment is good only for a year from the date
hereof: and on amount as accordingly the said F.B. is accordingly bound as
well by his by his said Bond to deliver up or
cause to be delivered up
hereof: the said F. B. being or before bound on or before this day twelvemonth either to
renew his said Bond for one year longer or else
to deliver up or cause to be delivered up the Body
of the said A. W. (if not too ill to absolutely prevented
therefrom by dangerous sickness on the part of the
said A.W.) to me or my Representative at the Metasylum in []

2. As often as the said F. B. shall change the place
of his abode he shall within a week after such change
give an advice thereof, with a direction by which he
may be found by any one and in particular by
the Post.
3. So likewise as often as the said A. W.
shall change the place of his abode the said

2. If the said F.B. should at any time think fit
to release in favour of the said A. W. any part of
the power given him of a assigned to the said F.B. over the said A. W. given by the
said Statute, such release will nevertheless <add>in virtue by a clause therein remain according
to the said Statute nevertheless in virtue of a clause herein [II art ] remain liable to be revoked at
any time, by the said a Deed of Prevention executed
by the said F. B. and consented to and thereupon
countersigned by me, or by any Deputy or Successor of mine.

3. This Assignment becomes void upon 1. the decease of the
said A. F. B.: as also on the 2. his becoming insane. 3. His ceasing to be
a Housekeeper in this Kingdom of Great Britain. 4. His being
Bankrupt, or being discharged 5. His taking any benefit or being discharged of any Insolvency Act 6. His being
been for months under imprisonment in any prison for a month together in any Prison or Prison in this said Kingdom
3. This
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