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Up At At the end of the year
of The Assignment has
not been renewed, the
Ward is to surrender
himself at the Metasylum
on notice
from the Guardian —

III. Conditions and Limitations appointed by
the said Act.

1. This Assignment of Guardianship in virtue whereof
this Emancipatory Release is made being good
only for a year from the date hereof, I am stand bound
under the on pain of £90, being the penalty extend
of my Bond, on or before the day of the expiration
thereof either to renew my said Bond and
accept a renewal of the said Assignment of Guardianship, for
one year longer, or else make the to surrender to the said Governor at the
Metasylum or his Representative at the Metasylum in
[ ] the body of the said A.W. (unless by dangerous
sickness on the part
of the said A. W.
<note>I should be not</add> absolutely prevented
from so doing.)
to surrender:
of which obligation on my part, it is incumbent
on him to take notice have in remembrance,, and in order to enable
me to fulfill the same, to hold himself in readiness
at any time within [one month] of the aforesaid
day of expiration, upon notice by me given,
thereunto thither with me or one such with such other as person as upon I shall
have appointed, to repair: in defa on pain of being
dealt with as an Absenter from service or as a Deserter from the said Metasylum,
according to the provisions by virtue of certain clauses in the said
Act, which for the information of the said A. W. are
inserted in this Deed. hereunto annexed.

— or thereafter,
on notice from the
Governor —

2. If on or before the said day of expiration, the said
A.W. shall neither have g joined with me in the acceptance
of a fresh Assignment of Guardianship from the
said Governor, nor have been surrendered by me as
aforesaid, then upon notice given to him give
to him on the part of the said Governor or his Representative, at any time
afterwards thereafter he is of himself to repair to the said Metasylum
according: to such notice, on pain of being dealt
with as aforesaid.

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