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Art. And for the further securing of the said Penitentiary House and the Neighbourhood
thereof from becoming

Any person applying for admittance into the said
establishment may be required to declare whether he or
she hath about his or her person any kind of Fire arms
or other Weapons

Establishment and having with him or her any kind
of weapon openly produced, may by any personbe required previously
to his admittance to deposit such weapon with the keeper within to any outer Gate of the said Establishment
of such Gate during the time of his continuance therein
with the Keeper of such Gate

Any person applying for admission into the Establishment,
may and having with him or her any kind of
weapon openly produced may be any person belonging to the said Establishment same be required previously to deposit such weapon during his continuance or be
within the said Establishment with the Keeper of any outer
Gate of such the said Establishment during his or her continuance therein.

Art. 14. Any person applying for admission as aforesaid into the said
Establishment may, previous to such admittance or the be required by
may be required any person thereto belonging to declare whether he hath on or about
his or herperson or in any bundle, or package which
he proffers for admittance <add>including he hath with him</add> any offensive weapon
or other instrument of destruction:
and in particular any pistol or other fire arms
and if so them to deposit the same with the Keeper of any outer Gate of the said Establishment as above
and if any person having any such weapon or instrument with
him or her
as aforesaid shall deny the same
contrary to such requisition either clandestinely
or openly persist in introducing any such this form
weapon he or she
such weapon or instrument such person shall suffer and be proceeded
against as for an act (preparatory to an attempt of preparation thus
to bring tending to the bringing about an escape on the part of the and a
Prisoners in the said House.
Art. 15.

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