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Art. 25. And whereas the assuming a assumption of a false name after
therein given over
is seldom practised but in either
the view of escaping for the purpose of eluding justice or with some
other sinister view, And whereas such assumption
is in itself an act of in the evidence falshood and deceit
can never scarcely be necessary to any man
and can scarcely in the instance of any class of men description of persons be necessary or conducive to any honest and
useful justifiable purpose, And whereas in the class of amont the description
of men of persons here in question it is not likely ever would would will be of in a more
particularly especial degree unlikely to be practiced but with any other than some mischievous evil design,
view of which the to most liable mischievous
would be the frustrating the good purpose of
preventive affixing of the identification mark,
and in particular with the design of frustrating the plan of wholesome prevention instituted by this Act And whereas after due warning it can
not be any hardship to any such person to be
abstain from so unless and suspicious and irregular a
practice Be it enacted that no Penitentiary
Prisoner or quondam Penitentiary-Prisoner on whom any such identification mark shall have been imprinted
Prisoner should (unless as above course of law authorized
so to do)
shall (unless therei authorized in
due course of law) assume at any time thereafter any other name than
the name in such his or her identification mark contained:
and every quondam Penitentiary-Prisoner such person
so offending shall whatever hath been his engagement as abovementioned, and whether such engagement subsists or not whether the be engaged in the
Metasylum or under the Guardianship of a Friendly
Bondsman Guardian, or even altogether emancipated as above-mentioned.

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