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Art. 9. And whereas the commitment in case of the instances

Art. 27 And whereas in the instances of some the instances of
commitment on suspicion of escape or of desertion
as aforesaid, the whose in case of conviction in which in case of conviction the
place of punishment would be the said Panopticon
Penitentiary House, the committment conveyance of the
accused to and confinement preparatory for safe-custody previous to trial to any
accused to any other prison, and his confinement therein
other prison previously to trial, would be attended with unnecessary
expense, and in the instance of such prisons would might in the instance of but
in most instances would too man many prisons have the effect of subjecting introducing
him to a regimen him into a prison scene of idleness and promiscuous intercourse by which the effect of whatever
lessons of industry and good behaviour he might
have received in the said Penitentiary House would
be in imminent danger of being obliterated;

And whereas moreover in instance the
by reason of the different intervals the difference of between the settings of different
Courts holding place of such offence in which such offences would in different
parts of the kingdom be cognizable the a committment
to the Jails respectively appertaining to such
Courts might be productive of a delay of from amounting
Six in some instances to near three months, in others to near six, and in others
during with which several times under the Prisoner would be
of punishment in the part of such the offender
so committed about might if possible to be avoided
during all which several terms the Prisoner would in addition over and above
to the punishment appointed by his sentence be
suffering a punishment to the respective amounts aforesaid before it had been proved
case when on the word of the acquitted that any punishment
should was due Be it enacted in case of escape

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