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body pay the sum expressed in such order to the
person producing the same.

Art. 30. So also any Penitentiary Prisoner or quondam
Penitentiary Prisoner, who being at large standing
charged with any other offence for which he
might be committed, is shall have been apprehended in the County
in which such Penitentiary-House is comes to be situated,
may in like manner be committed for trial or
otherwise to the said Penitentiary House: provided
that in this case the charge of conveyance shall not be borne
by the Governor, but defrayed as the same the like such charge is defrayed
at present.

Art. 31. If in this one last mentioned case the arrest be in any other County, the
Magistrate shall at his discretion either committ
the person to the part either of the County or the party convicted to the County or other part, to which
other district where the prisoner had he never
been a Penitentiary Man Prisoner he would have been to be
committed, or cause him in manner above-mentioned
to be conveyed to the said Penitentiary-House:
governing himself in the said exercise of such discretion
by the consideration of the expense and principally the expense of attendance
on the part of the persons who appear likely to
be summoned to attend as witnesses: and if, by any
declaration public declaration general or particular of on the part of the said
Governor he the said Magistrate shall be satisfied that the extra
expense of any would be defrayed by the said Governor, he is some in
such case authorized and required to cause the Prisoner to be at any rate conveyed to the said Penitentiary House.

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