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And whereas prevention and not the production
of fruitless misery is the object of all just punishment
And Whereas a punishment can not have
mode of punishment can not in the way of prevention have any effect
but in as far as the consequences whereof are
known present to the mind And whereas the no innocent person ought
not without at least without the inevitable necessity
to be involved in the fit punishment appointed
for the guilty and whereas the prevention of And Whereas the penal
punishment ought in every case to be determined ingredients involved in a judgment of felony by the dispensations of the Common Law are many
truth of guilt, begun the ration of the of them such as fall mostly or exclusively upon the innocent
amount suffering for prevention and their most of them such as cannot ma find a subject-matter whereon to
fit and proper ingredient in the demand for operate but under some rare concurrence of circumstances,
punishment and not by incidence after the and all of them incapable of being present
used to be to the minds of the unlearned multitude to insofar the measure of whose faculties all penal laws intended for their warning ought to be adapted
benign and irrelevant. Be it enacted that
in respect to Forfeiture, Loss of Dower, Corruption
of blood, Capital punishment on the
way subsequent commission of an offence of the
same degree, incompetence, with respect of evidence regard to testimony
and every other species of disability, and in
general in respect of every other penal concomitant or
consequence of a penal nature other than such as are herein specially
expressed, such offences although hereby made felonus shall not be dealt with
in the manner of felonies.

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