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And to the end that every party entitled to such
indemnification-money as aforesaid may have timely
On the conviction of any offender every prisoner
in such Court of a felonious offence
notices to bring proof of the damage for which the same
is made pay to be fined, Be it enacted that on
In the commitment of every any Prisoner
on suspicion of any felony, the Justice of the Peace
or other person by whose authority such commitment
shall have been made shall before
the departure of the person on whose compliant application such committment
is made, cause the body of pe such
the person so committed to be searched in order in the
proper place or places
for an identification mark: and if any such
mark be to be found, or any ground for suspecting
that any such mark had ever been thereon imprinted
he shall exhibit the same to such the party so
complaining party applying, and permit him to take sufficient note
thereof; to the under that the said the difference shall the and moreover shall,
same sufficiently public by all such any other such convenient means as shall present
themselves: to the end that the party grieved person
so applying or any and every party grieved may
be prepared with evidence to prove make proof
at the trial of the amount of the damage, for
the purpose of ascertaining the sum due for on
the share of indemnification money as above-
mentioned, same known to all persons interested,
by any other such convenient in cases as shall present themselves,
make person cause the same to be made known to all persons interested.

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