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Every paper signature purporting to be the had handwriting
of any pers signed by any
the signature of any particular person
shall primâ facie be deemed the signature of
that person: and it shall so it shall continue
to be for ever unless being in effect not the signature
of that person he or she or some other person as trustee shall as same
upon the suspicion or discovery of such falshood forgery have of an act of forgery or falsification
committed in respect thereof have used sufficient diligence
and due diligence in protesting against the same:
which protest shall be upon oath, and if the party to swear by already present in
which protest when it can not be if undue viva Court or can conveniently be therein caused to appear shall be
made viva voce shall be made and hoping or willing and if it caused
conveniently be made viva voce may be said
if not, by affidavit,
the form whereof shall at the instance of be settled by the parties
which shall be according be the Form marked
[ ] or what is equivalent thereto
under the direction of the Court.

Every paper purporting containing a
signature purporting to be the signature of any
pers particular person shall primâ facie be
deemed as to the whole of it the declaration and act of that person
and that in the whole and in every part thereof except
in as far
and that without addition, subtraction
or alteration: except in as far as by from as on account
either of the matter or the handwriting of thereof
any suspicion to the contrary may arise: and

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