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So it shall continue to be as against any person

Who of the same were countef counterfeit or
materially and unduly altered would be prejudiced thereby: that is to say, untill
some such person shall have made as aforesaid

Art. 6 The party himself person, whose hand-writing any signature
purports to be, may, if he be present in Court of can conveniently
be made to appear therein, be examined although he be a party touching the genuineness
of such signature.

Art. 7 Any paper, with or without a signature, in relation to which either the Court shall either by comparison of hands the nature of the contents, by comparison of hands or in consequence of a declaration of belief made upon oath by any person present, or by on any other means grounds be of opinion that the same was of the handwriting or dictation of a certain person, shall as or by him mean to be taken as such for a declaration by him made in or deemed the hand may accordingly be so deemed primâ facie the hand-writing or dictation of that person, and that, although the witness declaring such his belief should not be able to testify the fact of his ever having seen the person in question actually engaged in the act of writing.

Art. 8 Every paper purporting to be the copy of an
original paper andas and declared as such by a
person who upon oath declares his belief of the
truth thereof shall primâ facie be taken to be true and received
as the original might be and shall have every
effect that would be given to the original
and so
shall continue to be be be subject always to correction
by the original and to the inferences that in the meantime to whatever inference may
be drawn to the prejudice of the truth of the of such copy if produced
on the part of any person party in whose possession
the original appears to be: and judgment may or order verdict may accordingly be
given on or order and grounded of on such copy as in the same
manner as uponon the grounding the original, subject always to reversal
on production of the original or alteration in as far as,
on production of the such original, error shall afterwards
have appeared in the copy, and the judgment appears in as far as by reason
to have been grounded thereupon to of such error such judgment or order shall appear to have b
be erroneous.

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