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Mathematics. Pure Wedn.y 1st May Use of

As there is nothing strictly speaking that exists but bodies [that exists]
mathematical propositions, if true of any thing, must be
true of bodies. For the same reason they cannot be
true of any thing else but bodies. They may be true, it will
be said of motions: Right — but what are motions? If any
thing, they are motions of some bodies: To be true of motions
therefore, they must still be true of bodies: true of some bodies
(to wit) that are in motion. N.B. When I mentioned bodies I should have added, portions
of space. Impositions in Trigonometery which are of use in the
measurement of distant bodies, are exemplified in great measure in portions of Space [+] [+] to wit determined by reference to Bodies

Of consequence there is no single proposition in mathematics but what if true
at all is true of some particular [sort of]body. If then it be, mention
[point out] that sort of body. and of it be motion be concerned,
that sort of motion of that sort of body: Point
out the use it may be of to know that it is true of that
sort of motion or that sort of body: that is point out the
use that one may be enabled put that sort of body to (either
by giving it position or by putting it in motion) from
knowing the proposition in question to be true

In doing this you will have exemplified the proposition
and shewn it's use. Tis by this means and by
this alone that you can have given [assigned] the specific motive
[inducement] that a man may have for submitting to the
fatigue that is necessary to enable him to apprehend it.

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