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1 To the course of demonstration refer to every received
principle upon which it depends. and

2 Advance no step without shewing upon refering to
the received opinion upon which it depends, to do this
in such manner as not to make confusion in the
letter press put small letters over each step refering
to similar small letters in the margin near which
will be shewn the name of the received opinion
which was meant to be refered to.

3 If what is said in one step depends upon something
proved in some foregoing step refer to that
foregoing step by its name.
For this purpose it is necessary that each step should
have a name Vid Distinctions (I.7)

4 In refering to an Axiom or definition say "according to"
such an Axiom or Definition.

5 In refering to Proposition say "by such a Proposition"
meaning proved by it.

6 In refering to an Axiom or def: what you mean is to shew
you are consistent in regard to a def: with yourself ; in regard
to an Axiom
a Practice you have declared you own resolution
to observe. In regard to an Axiom, with a practice you
suppose universally observed by others.

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7 In refering to a Proposition, what you mean to shew
is that what you say is true: that is conformable to
the nature of things you speak of: which you do by
refering to the proof of the truth in Question which
the Proposition gives.

8 Refer from each Axiom to the several propositions in
which it is used.

9 Refer from each definition to the Prop: in which it
is first used. This will be of two uses first that it
will be certain there is no useless definition, secondly
the by refering to the first Prop: it will be seen if
the Definition is prefixed to the proper Book.

10 Refer from each Proposition to those in which it is
used, and distan but if when only a part of it is used in
specify that part.

11 In passing Censure upon any Notion, by way
of Warrant to that Censure, endeavour to find some
Owner to that Notion, and refer to him. If the
absurdity of the notion be very striking, men will
hardly be disposed to give it credit for its having
had one Owner, unless you find one for it. It is
of use to shew that what you combat is something
more than a Chimera.

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