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8. Display the states of the Cases of the Demonstrations in Cases of Demonstrations
to be displayed in distinct
Short Sentences

distinct, articulate, Sentences; and those as short as may be

9 For this purpose avoid Parentheis , Ablative —
absolute, and such Connectives as join nothing less Parentheses, Ablative
absolute & connectives
joining Whole Sentences
to be avoided

than entire Sentences, reducing them into one - Such
are as and since. These standing before the antecedent
of a Conclusion, and pointing to the Consequent, involve
both antecedent and Ccnsquent into one Sentence

To resolve such a Sentence into Two, place the
antecedent in a Sentence by itself, without any
Connective before it. Next place the Consequent in a
Sentence also by itself, connecting them by such a
Connective as does not necessarily reduce the two
Sentences into one: such as thence, hence and
therefore, whence and wherefore. Sometimes it
will happen that to ground a single Consequent
more than One Antecedent may be necessary: in
this Case, observe to cast each Antecedent into a
single Sentence. + Cayne's Geometry is an
exemplification of this method.

10. The more Sentences a Quantity of Matter can
be resolved into the better; the nearer will the
Sentences approach to the simplicity of Logical
Propositions: beyond that point of Simplicity a Sentence
cannot go, but it can hardly go too near it.

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By this mode of Resolution indeed a Quantity of 11
Advantage of
Short Sentences
Matter loses indeed in point of Brevity, but is sure to
gain, if it suffer any change, in point of apprehensibility.
It loses in point of Brevity, because as fastwhere as a word is
cast out of any Sentence, in which it stood complicated, it
must in order to give the wordobtain a place in the discourse have
a new set of Words given to it to complete it into a sentence.

It gains in point of Apprehensibility: because the facility
of apprehending the Quantity of Matter is as the number of
Parts into which it is broken; namely of such parts that
the Attention may stop and fix itself upon any One, —
without the Necessity of keeping hold of the rest, in order
to Survey them at the same time.

An Article of Knowledge is the more valuable
to a Man when at the same time that he acquires
it, he learns where he may apply it.

If there be any particular course which, on
account of the disadvantages attending it, you
have been accustomed to make a point of avoiding;
it will be of use not to content yourself with passing
it over in Silence, but to make express mention
of it, specifying the disadvantages you observed
in it, especially if it be a course that has been actually

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