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DEFINIENDA Physical Point

A Point may be physically Indivisable for if the given
point is not divisable, divide still you as much as possible
and what remains must be and Indivisible point.
There certainly is nothing no : matter so small but it can be supposed to be
divided, therefore there is no Metaphysical point, but
there certainly must be some bounds to Physical divisions
although they may be indeterminate

May not the

Middle of a Line
or Point no
Material Architype

If there are no bounds to division may not the
middle of a physical line be what is meant by a Geometrical
line, I think when we may speak and treat of
the middle of a line without having any material
Architype in our mind.

Definition of
Magnitude DEFINING

A magnitude is anything that is susceptible of more
or less, Increase and decrease, whether line, superficies,
solid, line, Number &c. Augmentation or diminuation
Vid: Geometrical definitions in Murray's Shipbuilding

DEFINIENDA Altitudinal Line
of a Triangle

By altitudinal The altitude of any line is meant, a line drawn from

The altitudinal line of a Triangle is a lin drawn from
any angle of it to either square to the boundary subtending
that angle or to such boundary produced.

of a Parallelogram

The altitudinal line of a Parallelogram is a line drawn
from any part of one either boundary to to the opposite one
itself or to such produced.[+]The length of this
Line determines the
Altitude of a figure
I say from any part
of either boundary to the opposite because all lines drawn
square from or making equal angles with parallel
lines are equal +New Prop. All lines drawn from one line to
another which is parallel to it if they make equal angles are

Def: of.

Parallel lines are is a relative term, for one line cannot
be parallel but with respect to another but when
associated, compared with another.

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