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by which it is bounded,and the circles come upon to the being straight
lines and the circles by which those length
of these sides are limited to their due dimensions
do to the being exact circles, that is in
every part equally distant from their centres.

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In an <add>this new plan</add>, the Nomenclature made use of in this
new plan is all taken from common
Language. InThe terms whereof common language
consists are all a (proper names excepted) significant of general
Ideas signification not of this or
that individual object thing but of
sorts of objects, things namely of that
whole sort of which any individual
object is. I said all speaking
of terms of common language(I said
all, without meaning any exception
one exception however there is

Proper Names are significative of
Individual objects only
as to a Proper name the objects
directly signified by their are it is
an Individual object.

The idea raised by it is but an individual
true it is
that when of any from any such individual objects
the idea of it when thus [once] raised by virtue of

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its proper name, a general Idea may be
joined afterwards by Abstraction, but
it is not that general Idea it that is raised
by the mention of the proper Name,
all that follows as of course upon the
mention of the common name is the
Individual Idea. The business of abstracting
from that Individual Idea
a general one is a separate operation.
Let a man understand a proper name
and the Individual Idea is an Idea he
has for certain his having the general
Idea in short any general Idea that
can be abstracted from that Individual
one is what may be or may not
be. Upon the mention of the word Peter
as designed to mark a person known to
me by that proper name if I know
the meaning of the word Peter in this
case I cannot but have the Idea of the

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Individual so called. It may shame that
having obtained the Idea of this Individual
I may go further and procede to form
to my self the general Idea indicated characterized by
the word man. And this is what may
be or may not be, the word Peter is
not better calculated to convey to me
the general Idea characterized by the
word man than the word John is.
it may be, upon the mention of the word Peter, I may form to myself no
general Idea at all, it may be that
if I do form a general Idea that
Idea may be a different one, it
may be such a one as is not in use
to be characterized by the word man,
it may be for instance such a one
as is used to be characterized by the word
heavy body as couldmight probably be the case, on
the supposition of my having been speaking
of Peter as weighing more than a hundred

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