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IDEAS of Figures how produced

with as little design as any of the Motions said
to be produced by nNature have been produced.
In the latter case as in the former he has been
to consider the mental part of him but as it have a Spectator of those Motions,
at first perhaps unconcerned or
NOTE. The motions themselves
having been produced
by the Physical part
of him namely that
which belongs to
him but in common
with unsentient
Physical agents.

as he may have been a Spectator of many
a Physical Motion purely Physical that has
left behind no traces in his Mind
till some accident or other of two fugitive
a Nature to be specifically assigned, may have
happened to have given him a concern in

A Boy sees an Apple hanging from a bough
he wishes to get possession of it it is out of
his reach he wishes to get hold of it, how
shall he manage manage? he sees a stone
lying under his foot he takes up the stone and
throughs it at the Apple in like manner he
does by by fifty other Masses the motion of each
of those Masses describes a certain figure
perhaps no two of those figures indistinguishably
alike no one of them produced by design
for the only motion he designed by him in
all that time to be produced was that Motion
which should carry the Stone he threw to the
Apple he threw it at, that Motion it is true
produced a Figure, that is if the Motion had been

traced during its
progress by the eye of
a Spectator the Idea
of a certain Figure
might have been
obtained but once
that Figure was not
produced by him by
design he had no
Idea of it at the time or of any
Figure in that no
more than the Apple might
have had if separated
<note>from the tree
by an operation of
Nature it had
fallen to the Ground.

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