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Prefat. Censure
apologized for

Mr D'Alembert in his admirable elements of Philosophy,
where he came in discussing of Geometry in speaking of the professors of that observes that then
a few of them but what have given way to the propensity
of speaking evil of their predecessors. If by
evil speaking here he means personal nature, or even
litterary criticism, if seasoned with invective marks of peevishness spleen
and contempt, the practice in Geomet the professors of that, as
of every other science is to be condemned. But if all
he means is simple litterary criticism, the deletion
of what are or have appeared to be one
errors, I must own I see no ground for condemning
him. On the contrary, such a proceeding as in all
sciences it has its use, so [has it] in this science more
particularly. A subject so important and whichwhich at the same time that it is
at bottom so important, is in its exterior aspect
naturally so remote from every thing that is interesting to the affections,
any device by which it may be made to gain some artificial
hold cannot but be of particular advantage. If
there be any man authorwriter which it is difficult to find just
reasonoccasion for treating in this way it is Mr D'Alembert:
yet even of Mr D'Alembert it may be said
that if it werepracticable posssible to find occasions [to treat him
in this way]so to deal withby him, it would be of use. Of
all the ways of imprintingimpressing truth into men's minds
there is none more pleasant &nor more effectual than
that of noting and expressing thus errors that contrast with it. In
this consideration it may be found of use in regard to this science
more particularly than in any to of all others
to give indulgence at least if not continuance to those parts to which
the amour propre of a writer prepares forinvites that of for his readers, at
the expense of his [competitors] predecessors.

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