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if an Experiment should fail it is in if Dr.
Priestley should have been deceived, it was
in the conjecture of the respirability being proportional
to the diminution. Grant that, to be true, and
we can measure it as exact as for any
purpose it may be rejoined. These are the
bands to Geometry.

Perhaps it may be said that altho' to be able to
do all these things is Usefull, yet it is not
necessary [it may be asked if it be necessary]
to Study Geometry as a Science, to study
what are called the Elements. that in the
course of the Education of any one who made
such Experiments as those of the Respirability
of air, he must have learnted observed , that
comparisons were only made by aliquots that
the proportionable diminution of the mixture
might be discovered by the proportionable
gradation of the Vessel and by the coincidence
of the surface of the fluid Stopple with
that as one one of these gradations.
In answer to this I say it was would be accident
only whether the Idea of dividing into aliquots
had been associated so strongly with that of measuration
as that upon the [seeing of an] the one's being
raised should raise the other, whereas when

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