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The Gold dust is said to weigh so many
grains. Or if it be a large guantity
some other name is given asthe custom is to call . . . . grains
are equal called by the name of an once
therefore instead of saying it weighs
90 grains it is said to weigh . . . onces
. . . grains. In weighing things of
little value a pound or even a 1/4 of
an hundred one as minute aliquots as
are considered. The Coincidence also
is not always required so accurate as
our senses can pidge. But where
the greatest accuracy is required,
the minutes most exact coincidence that
our senses are susceptible of assisted by any circumjoint bodies
which are known to
be capable of inflaming
the weightof one whole, are supposed
to influence that of
the other, density of his
[ Medium] is supposed to
be uniform, and so
in all operations these
circumstances which are
not taken into account
are supposed uniform.

those inventions which assist our sensibility
the most, and the smallest aliquots the
effect of which on the properties to
be compared our senses any how assisted can
discover must content us.

If an Astronomer is not contented with knowingcannot discover
the distance of the proportional distance are
the Sun and the moon in miles ifto a league
he need not that supposing in be invent instruments to take and contrast Incommensurables
instruments to take by discover a variation
he could not express them to a thousandth part</add> of an inch

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