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common Measure of.

The angles made by 2 pair of lines were again
which cannot be brought into contact over be
equal or unequal: which be the greater, and also
to have means of disembling every the minutest variation
in angles which our senses are able to judge of.
it is necessary to ascertain and to speak gives name
to the several proportions one angle may have to
anothers came and to do this it is necessary to
be able to divide an angle into aliquots, and
that these aliquots should be so win possible to
be assumed is minute as that no open to keep
pace in accuracy with any inventions that may be
made to assist the testimony of our senses.

To continue some how or other to bring about supposition
of a common measure which shall be allowed capable
of measuring the angles contained by each pair
by assistance of coincidence & number of aliquots.
coincidence tho' not of one whole angle with another
yet of something which shall determine the quantity
of each applied successively to each.

A straight line taken as a common measure to be
applied in the diection of a straight line in this
case would not serve as an aliquot if such
equal divisions in a straight line would not divide
the angle so as that by the test of super position
one would be equal to the other [one aliquot would be
equal to the other] the reason seems to be this angle

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