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1) GEOM. Definition.
I meet with a body find a thing which
I distinguish at first
sight from all other
thingsbodies by a certain mark
a certain property which
I find it to possess, and
which I do not see
any other possess of the
thingsbodies I happen to see
around it. I suppose
it however possible
that others though I

I pitch upon a certain name, I declaregive notice that every
thing that is found to possess this property shall be called
by this name. It is plain there can be no necessity
that to demonstrate that a thing that bears
this name possesses this property. There can be
no means of doing it

{One line of squiggles followed by the letter B} —

{Three lines of doodles containing the letters Q. Ben}

I do not at present and upon the spot see any other bodies that have this mask
upon them that possess this property, yet that at
some future time and at on some some spot I may find such
bodies. Having occasion to speak sometimes of this
body and at other times of other bodies, in order to
let it be known when it is this body I mean
to speak of, and not any of those others, I give to this
body a certain name. I make known that I have
done so. Whenever the I pronounce that name, those
to whom I have announced busy having established such
a connection believed the sound and the body having that has
the property in question, know that it is the body
Proper Name y having this property that I mean to be understood to speak of.
I bethink myself that there give it this name to distinguish
it from all other bodies I see around it: seeing
as bodies at first which have that mark about
Common name them. I be think myself however that though it present
and upon the spot I do not see any other bodoes that have this mark
upon them, yet that at some future time and on some
other spot perhaps may; and that if I should I may have
occasions to say the same of these as of this. This being

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