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being the case it is plain that this [matter of] fact viz
that every body that f has this mark upon it, that
possesses this property is of the sort of thing, that I
have determined to call by the name in question, is
not a matter demonstrable. It is [+] matter of evidencelistening [+] a plain question of
fact. a question depending
upon listening or

and whether and not of demonstration whether
I have declared or no any such determination. The connection
between the name in question and and the property in
question is a thing entirely arbitrary entirely dependent
upon my will and pleasure. That it
my will and pleasure to establish it or that it is not
is a matter that no argument can make plainer than
it is. [+] [It is the connection there is between one property [+] By and by in the
same thing in which I
find this mark, I find
another mark: and whatever
things I find have
the post I find to have the
second &c

and another property that is the proper subject of demonstration.
The business is to shew thatsee whether every thing
that has the first property has the second also. In order To shewsee this is to
gain real knowledge
to know something relative
to the nature of
things, and not to
mere words

to do this I take one of the properties and connect
it with the name:. by this means enquiring whether the
thing that is called by this name has this property
is in effect but enquiring whether the thing that has
also the first property, has also the second. Now supposing
the two properties to be equally obvious in the
[subject] thing in question it matters not which of
them is annext to the name: I which ever of them
is annext to it, to demonstrateshow that from the existence of the other resides
that property in the subject the existence of the other, or
from the existence of the other the existence of that, is a
matter equally capable of demonstration. Whether the existence
of property it is shown to

or the existence of property B. in the subject from the existence

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he case it is plain that this [

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