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of property A makes no difference. It is not that
It is not that one property flows from the other property,
but that it is by means of a things possessing
the one of these properties you can shew it to possess
the other.

It is not thatbecause the first property exists in certain things that the 2d
property exists in the same things [in which the first
does] but because the first property can be shewn
to exist in the subject that the second property can be shewn to exist
in the same subject. It is not that the property
A first existed, and then because it existed, property
B came to exist afterwards, but that property A was
first declared to exist is the thing in question ([ that is the
name in question was declared to be given to all these things
in which property A should be found) and that then afterwards
property B came to be seen to exist in

A circle that it which has a line in it such &c
A circle that which is described by a line &c.
Either of them equally capable of being attributed to the thing in question in (standing for) the definition
Sid Qu. You may perceive (for it is true) that every
figure thing which is generated so has that property; but you
can not, for it is not true that every thing that has
that property is generated so: all you can prove is that
it may be generated so.

Bodies by virtue
of Chemical Attraction
certain regular
forms but such
figures are generated
very differently from
Euclid's method.

All the proporties of a figure may perhaps be shewn to follow
from it's being generated in particular manner. But
it's having been generated in a particular manner cannot
be shewn from to follow from it's having any of these
properties. There may be other ways whereby a figure may
have been made to possess these properties without having
been generated in this particular manner. And what is it in this means
go case that is meant by generation?

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