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Lines Geometrical

Tis true that to conceive the Image of it you must conceive it
to have breadth for example you conceive a black mark but
how is to be black unless it his some breadth
two surface may be conceived to be so straight as who put together
to touch in every part. but the reason is this you assure the
image to two surfaces such as those whose figures being drawn
or where archetypes having existing you could not perceive
irregularities in and therefore it is that if they were placed
together you do not imagine there to be any space between
them. whereas had you substances of the figure you
imagined and you were to apply a Microscope you
would at once perceive that these two whol surfaces
could not touch in all points. True I believe it is
that there are no two surfaces which we are accustomed
to consider as plane, will appear as but what when
received though a microscope may for perceived to
be irregular This then seems to be the cause
of the supposed superiority of the lines that are the
creations of the imagination over those that exist
in matter. The first are not liable to the
rude inspection of gainsayer there are no applying
microscopes to the first. if the gainsayer says that
there are irregularities in the lines, the imaginer may
assert boldly that in his line lines there are no irregularities
the gainsayer can never apply a microscope to convince him there are
are. They are out of his reach.

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