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Education Arc itive

Neither in Algebra
nor in Geometry
should any proposition
be delivered
indication of the
use. This is
necessary to the
justification of
the Mathematician
for if it is of no
use why plague
us with it.

Every book is an
If it has
evil: for to some
body or other every
book is a plague.
A great book says
the proverb is a
great evil. But
of all great book-
evils a book of
algebra or geometry
is surely
one of the greatest
evils: for it is one
of the greatest plagues.

Oh, but it has
a thousand uses!
it is called for on a thousand occasions. well, if it has,
it at any rate
has one; give us
then that one
Lock out two or
three of the principal

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Use if not immediate

Of use - how?
by being predictable
if, applicable to,
some article or other
in the catalogue of
real existence —
which are either
substances, spaces
or motions

These, one or
other of them are
the real subjects of
every mathematical

Quere If it be
not true of one
or other of these
it is not true

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Of use in what
whay way?

If not immediate
at least remote
If not of itself
applicable to any
real existences
as yet known
as apt between the

subjects of considration,
least by its relation
to some
other mathematical
propositions which
are themselves of use: by
its applicability
to, by its
being true of some
existences which
though as yet
they have not come
into consideration
for any useful
purpose may do
so one of these

---page break---

A Point or portion
of space a matter next
to nothing

A line in uninterrupted
them of points in breadth
and thickness next to nothing.
A surface a figure compound
of line and more
quantity having length and
breadth, but in thickness
next to nothing

An angle is the
greater or another according
to the distance
between two uniting
lines at equiany
-distantpart points of their
lengthsrespectively equidistant from
the common point
point of which they

The magnitude of an angle
is but understood
by reference to a

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