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For Posology

Objects to be attended to in teaching Arithmetic and Algebra.

1. Correctness & rapidity.
in performing the
operations must useful
in practice.

2. Mental Arithmetic &c.
Power of performing
operations in the head
as well as on paper.

3. Abridged Methods:
1st.. of Calculation
2nd.. By Logarithmic
and other Tables.

4. Methods of Approximation.
When minute exactness
is not requisite, the
operation may be
performed with such
parts only of the given
numbers as conduce
to the degree of
correctness required.
Much time and trouble
are thus saved.

5. Arithmetical
operations associated,
through practice, with
a great variety of useful
and familiar objects
in order that they may
be instantly forthcoming
in time of need.

6. Rational Arithmetic &c.
Every link of the chain,
examined, understood,
and it's use appreciated.

7. Mind exercised.
Arithmetic &c. not to
be taught to the pupil,
but (as far as possible)
to be discovered by him:
and every faculty of
the mind called out.

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8. Scientific Enquiry.

1. What Arithmetic &c.
have in common with
other sciences, to be
shewn; which can
be done with ease in
these simple sciences.
Much of the foundation
of the Philosophy of
science may be thus
laid, and clear and
simple examples provided
for reference in the
teaching of other Sciences.

2. The pupil's knowledge
in other Sciences to be
brought forward in
explaining & illustrating
these; in order that
a proper union among
the sciences may
eventually be effected.

3. Actual systems of
Arithmetic &c. in
different ages & states
of civilization to be
compared; as lessons
in classification &c. and
specimens of mental

9. Powers of Pupil.
The different state of
the faculties of each
pupil to be allowed
for and none but
agreeable exertion

10. Subject suspended.
An interval to be
allowed between each
Stage or time of going
through the subject
for the purpose of
breaking false
associations, and of
correcting any undue
influence that the
whole or any part of
the subject may
have acquired over
the mind.

---page break---

11. Occupations of
a different nature
should be going on,
while the pupil
is studying Mathematics.

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