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Biology</head> <p>1830 Dec 4



The contrivance, what.

1. Demonstration by reductio ad absurdum is indicated exhibited given of</lb> of the inconsistency of the assertion in question with some preestablished</lb> definition, demonstration, or manifest and condemnable state of things.

2. The Contrivance or say the Efficient Operation by means of which</lb> the throne is the subject, the problem accomplished.

2. The Contrivance or say the Efficient operation by means of which
the theorem is solved , the problem accomplished.

3. The contrivance does it not in every instance embed in
the faculty of some quantity which bearing a natural relation
to some quantities already give, form the indices of communication
between them.

Mode of description or say designation- 1. Analytic 2. Sympative
Instants of abstract say consideration: mutual
of abstraction made say consideration had.

I take a stile of a natural form: natural as a
of common skills; artificial, as to who.

1. I consider one—any are of the Six felons surfaces by which
it is bounded; apart from all the other other boundaries then obtain the impression and thence
when has been remained interest my sight out of my sight</lb> idea of a superior.</p>

2. I apply myself <add>have applied my mind

to the consideration of this super:
I now apply myself to the consideration of each of its four boundaries
apart from that of the three obtain I thus obtain the other

impression, and thence as above, the of a law.

4. Having applied myself to the consideration of the law, I
now apply myself to the consideration of one of
the its two boundaries: I thus obtain the impression, and
thence, as above the idea of a point.

What That whole from the above description is manifest and
underneath is that neither has the point, nor the line, nor the
superfices or say surface thus real and manifested existing
to an eye to the no sum of my being, known
or evident were they, any one of them present by itself.

To speak of any one of them as having any report existence,
as to speak in the language of fiction: to speak of the products
of the imagination as if they were realities.

By Euclid they are thus spoken of a point (says he) is the
which has no parts. By this mode of considering the subject and
speaking of it he invites in or about the whole field of morphology posology


posology: a cloud from
what it never emerges
a cloud in which it continues
enveloped from the
beginning of his elements to the end.

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