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1831 May 21

II. Morphoscopics
§. Media of demonstration &c.

☞ Superseded this page but consultable.(5)

Of these same motions of effectuation called in English Postulates
or Petitions,(a) Euclid in his Elements gives three, and no more
than three. In the words of Stone's translation of Euclid In the writings in which he exhibits them they are these.

1. Postulate. 1. The First Great that a right line may be drawn from any one
point to another point.

2. Postulate the second. That a finite right line may be continued
directly forward.

3. Postulate the third. That a circle may be described framing
centre to any distance.

After this string this short string of postulations, comes one
four times as long of axioms 'Common notions or Axioms' they are
stiled in Stones translation 12 in number.

Note, that in the natural order of things motions of
axioms should have come first. Not Natural nature and not
thence Nature alone, but all animated Nature is passing
before it is in any direction or manner voluntary action: We can see
many things before we are before when we can do scarce any thing:
A child just born has some perception of surrounding objects, before
it can do any thing to help itself.

As to his Postulates, altogether incomplete as
well as indistinct run on this occasion must his views view of the
subject be confessed to be: But, of this elsewhere, Sir.<p> <p>Let in cases On the present occasion, for the present purpose,
let us take in hand his circle.

He speaks as if, for coming at the impression and
correspondent idea, to with which the denomination assumed

the word circle: this was but this one way or method namely
the making use of a line right line with one end the point at of it fixt
which every other part is turning round, are thus producing the surface
which has for its boundary line the recurrent line called a circumference.</p>

But the truth is that
for the production of the
same surface of the
same dimensions in the
one case as in the other
there are two different ways, correspondent to and the reverse for one another: both of them in use to be employed by Geometricians. And here comes in 1. extent belonging to it
—to the two modes of proceeding. For applied to it the subject matter of Posology namely Analysis or say disposition and sympathy in a []

Composition. Art thus see §.

(a) Namely for the Latin verbs postulo to require, and peto beg;
not in their each instance from the Greek, as in the instance of theorems, and

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