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1830 Nov. 22 m

J. B. & France against Death Death
§. VI Attachment causes
II Pride

5 8

Official is by of

or 9
Where s is
preferred in the way
of legislation it is by
taxation. Here it is
imbued with extraneous
false pretence the taking
no more than is necessary
for the exigencies of the

Remains the case in which the mode in which the
fraudulent ext is practised is legislation in the shape of
taxation and the persons by whom it is practised — the members
of the legislature acting as such, and the false pretence
on which it is practised, the practice of providing for the several
exigencies of the state

or 10
Under matchless
Constitution lower are
to higher orders what
sheep are to the owner.
Sheared or killed at
pleasure: when humans
are thus killed
it is in war.

Under matchless Constitution practice of depredation in
this shape is in fact the main not to say the sole object or say end
in view of government's the lower order being to the higher order
what in a state of pastoral society sheep are to the shepherds
kept alive — pastured and by him for the benefit
of those same owners, and accordingly only sheared or say fleeced, and
upon occasion or for killed. Where that
is the way in which the most advantageous use it was thought may be made
of them .. killed.

or 11
Divided is English
Cabinet into two Squads.
Depredationists and
Oppressionists: Depredationists,
those in whom
rapacity prevails
over pride: Oppressionists,
those in whom
rapacity being
s, after s
they prefer the
pleasure of pride to the
ulterior profit by

Opp Depredationists and Oppressionists under matchless Constitution — into
these two Squads the Cabinet is at all times naturally
not to say at all times constantly divided: Depredationists,
those in whose instance the profit of depredation
is more to their taste than the pleasure of oppression: rapacity
more intense than pride: Oppressionists those in
whose instance the pleasure of oppression is more to their taste than
the profit of depredation: pride more intense than rapacity..
Up to a certain point the Oppressionists concurr
of course with the Depredationists: but when that point is arrived
then the takes place: fraction in the shape
in which the matter of wealth that subject matter of official depredation
would receive increase is stopped, upper- much the few
lest humbly that in "the put" of the lower order humility in
towards the higher orders should be lessened, and strength of mind a disposition
to towards resistance to both
oppression and depredation
Of this observation
applicability to the
present and recent state
of things is too obvious to need expression here.

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