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1831 Nov. 9 m


Disinterestedness 2o


or 1
I Of the value of the Patronage given up,

of its value
Of its value sole source
the Annual profit by

Art or 1 In the case of the patronage given up, the emolument profit
has, for its component parts or say elements matter of which it was composed,
nothing more than the average annual amount of what, according
to computation would every year fall in from such
vacancies will have occurred in the course of the that same year:
say — the annual profit by vacancies

or 2
II Of the Patronage
Its sources are
1. Annual profit
by vacancies.
2. Received immediately
in one mass the patronage of all
the patronage places.

Note or 2 In addition to this 1st amt, antecedently to it, and
immediately to on taking possession of the office In the case of the patronage acquired, the profit
will have for the matter of which it is composed, the
value sum total of the patronage of every one of the new
created offices.

or 3
I. Of the given-up
patronage, value in figures these
1. Annual Value of one Commissionship
— £400
2. Vacancies 4. 1,600
3. Ten years purchase
of this, a Commissionship
being supposed
as annually for life
makes 16,000
4 Multiply this by
8, — the average
number of years a Chancellorship
has been in
the same hands this
makes 128,000

Art or 3 Now then let us compare and express in figures these two masses of profit.

1. Profit given up Time as to the patronage given up: its value: will be found thus (a)

1. Annual amount income of one Commissionership say 400

2 Multiplied by the number of Vacancies in each year say 4 this gives for the
annual income the patronage of which with its profit
is acquired ......... 1,600

Assuming the income of each such Commissionership
to be for life, and in this respect equal to a life
annuity to that same amount, and assuming also
that ten years purchase of the income is the value
of the right of appointment, this gives for the value
of the this mass of patronage in each one year .... 16,000

5. Taking at 8 the average number of the years during
which upon an average the Chancellorship has
continued in the hands of one and the same person,
this gives for the aggregate total value of the patronage
so given up ................ 128,000

2. Annual value of the 70 Commissionerships £400 X 70
£400 multiplied by 70 is £28,000

3. Annual value of one 1/70 part of £28,000 is £400

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