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1831 May 10 M 6

Alego & Morphoscopics
§.3. Diffusion maximized how


21. Elucidate, by apt
nomenclature where phrase de novo

3. Elucidation by means of appropriate instructive nomenclature: or say
by formation of instructive appellations in cases where no such are
as yet in existence

2. Elucidate, by substi
-tution of apt to unapt
nomenclature improved

4 Elucidation by means of appropriate appellations employed
in preference to any such uninstructive less instructive or delusive appellations
as are found already in existence:

3. Elucidate by definition
de novo

5 Elucidation by means of appropriate definitions or expository
or say explanatory matter in any other form or cases
where no such are already in existence.

4. Elucidation by
definition improved

6. Elucidation by means of appropriate instructive definitions or say
expository, or other say explanatory matter in preference
to any such less instructive, uninstructive or delusive matter
as may be found already in existence

5. Elucidation by
History of viz. of the
successively operation
and their results
III Versification

7. Elucidation by History: that is to say by History positive
and conjectural of the several successive species of operation with
their several results, by which improvement was made in the substance of the act

IV 8 Melodisation
5 Versification
6 5
6 Melodisation
So much for means of
diffusion generally considered:
When applied so far they are
therefore considered with reference to alegomorphics
and morphoscopics
jointly: but when more
particularly considered
those which apply to
morp alegomorphics
will be considered first:
those which belong to
morphoscopics afterward.

In all these cases, in general terms as above, the
mention may be of the several means of diffusion may
be made, whereby they are brought before the eye in one view.
But for the exemplification of them — for the application of them
to particulars — for enabling the reader to see in what manner
they are respectively conducive to the end in question — contributory
to the purpose in question, reference must be made
to the two divisions of posology — namely alegomorphics and
morphoscopics separately considered.

9. Elucidation by means of History, positive and conjectural,
of the course taken by the successively made
to the stock of the information.

[+] 16 Versification.
II. Melodisation or
say setting to Music

Abbreviation: applied
to the quantity of the
matter of language
employed for the communication
of the ideas or
meant to be brought
to view view

Abbreviation: applied
to the quantity of the matter
signified, brought to view by each
one of the several signs employed.

19. Abbreviation: applied to the quantity of discourse employed
in planting in the mind the matter in question of the information: the the
The quantity of that same matter being given, the less
the quantity of discourse employed in the planting of it, the
less is the quantity of time and labour in planting of it by word of mouth; and the quantity
of time and labour and space employed in planting
it on paper, whether by writing or printing

(chapter) 9 The greater the degree of abbreviation — the less the labour and time necessary to the planting it in the mind and on paper, and the less
the space occupied in the paper, and the quantity of paper employed.

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