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1831 June 1 M

1 Alegomorphics

§ Means of Diffusion

Of the two means of facilitation,
meant simply elimination,
concepts, elucidation
Yet of the efficiency of elimination
no question
has ever yet been made!

13 These simple Of these two means of facilitation, thus
simple in its nature is elimination; thus complex and diversified,
elucidation. But of that most simple of all instruments
note here is the efficiency and importance. Note, moreover, that
Unapplied proper most of having
till now, by no means in no book professing to give instruction in Mathematics
has it ever been held up to view in the character of an instrument applicable to this

Of Unapplied Posology
sole real use is applicability
to the several
ultimate uses — practical
uses of it: this by
which is a direct application
is made of it
to the maximization
of the aggregate of happiness:
those to which
it bears the relation
of a means to an end

14. For learning and teaching. Unapplied Posology, no other proper
mode is there, than the working and at once, and in the first instance,
for, and at, the practical application made of:
it: considering these as ends: and then considering and enquiring what
are the means that appear to be with greatest promptitude
and certainty conducive to those ends

15 or 2
Opposite to this is
the hitherto universal
practice: endeavouring
to have and hold whatever
has been learned
and taught in the subject
before: without
consideration had of
any such practical uses

In contradistinction to this method, and forming a contrast
to it, is that commonly pursued; it consists in
looking out for every thing which is known to have been learnt and
taught in the subject in question: and this with little
or no regard to the mode and degree in which it has
been and is conducive to that same end: and from of this erroneous
course the result is — a correspondent waste of time
and labour.

16 or 3
Exemplification of
this waste of time and
labour, this: — translation
of the of
quantities from the truly
-representing form — disregarding
once the misrepresenting
language: writing and
writing falshood, without
learning or teaching any,
additional truth: talking
geometry in such sort the
talking geometry is talking nonsense

Of this superfluous, and therefore so, wasteful,
and therefore so much worse than useless course, one
more exemplification is that which is afforded by the
useless translation of names of quantities from the
form disregarding into the form-regarding language, in
cases in which form or say shape does not in truth constitute any
part of the subject matter taken into consideration: in other
words when without making any assertion that is not strictly
true you can arrive at the conclusion which it is your wish
to arrive at — when you can arrive at it by algebra what
is the use of resorting to false assertion to no other
purpose than that of arriving at the same conclusion
without any other benefit or advantage in any other shape
by taking geometry: by talking geometry, which it
hence appears, is no better than a particular mode
of talking nonsense.

In the way of diffusion By elimination, supposing it justified — more service is done
(quantity supposed the same in both cases) in the way of diffusion than
by instruction: by instruction, the time is occupied, and that time
rendered unapplicable to all
other things: by elimination
the time is left clear: and
applicable to any other things
at pleasure.

18 Alego or 4. In this way, quantity for quantity or say subject matter the same, more is done for diffusion of useful knowledge by elimination than by instruction: since to
diminution of useless a considerable quantity of time is left clear for the reception of useful knowledge.

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