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1831 March 23
J.B. on Registration — Rudiments in some order.

Ordo names proposed


Order to be proposed — Heads the following.

I. Object — Security against Evils to be averted, with their causes

1. Loss to intended transferee disappointment from purchase on bad title
2. Loss to intended would-be transferrer for want of producible title
3. Loss Exclusive 3 thence for want of power to sell of profit to would be transferee for want of
power to buy by reason of would be transferrers want
of power to sell
4. Loss by money or money's worth advanced to borrowers purchasers unless the
token of the having means of payment which in truth they have not

of good
2. Lenders of money

II. Means of this security: Registration: i.e creation and preservation
of written evidence of title

4 Price necessary to be paid for the benefit of the thus obtained

II Main end, maximization of the number of the persons to whom
these securities and benefits are afforded namely 1. Would be obtainers of transfers. 2 Would be
rewards. 3 application for search &c in of the search functions

this security is afforded: collateral and minimization
of the attendant burthen, to each: burthen, pecuniary &c. of the cost by which the benefit is produced.
of delay, expense and vexation: un-delay to those for
whom the benefits in question are intended


Persons to be benefited are
1. P to actual transferee
2. Persons having need to search for titles to the respective lots of

Arrangements to be proposed for obviating delay

I. Unremitted Attendance of the functionaries by whom faculty
of search is to be afforded; Functions of these same functionaries

1.Permitting and facilitating search
2 Permitting to be taken or furnishing copies or extracts
3. Exhibiting or causing to be exhibited to Judicatories by their
order the documents themselves.

II. For obviating expense.

1. Minimization of expense of each the operation, to would be depositors, as applicants
for registration in the first instance; viz. 1. at the office 2. consignee to the Office
which is inversely as the
No of the Officers in

2 Promotion of the faculty of giving subsequent encrease to the expence
by encrease given to the number of the operations needful for or the length
of extracts or the length of the instruments to be registered.

☞ Note and speak of the analogy of the ends of this institution to
the ends of justice to which it is intended to be subservient.

Means of maximization of the number of the persons to whom the
beneficent service is rendered, maximization of the aggregate of
the mass of property, by maximization of the number of the
species of property: in a word non-exclusion of any admission
given to those modifications of property which hitherto have
stood excluded ex gr. 1 Copyholds. 2 Leaseholds. 3. Incorporeal

Subject matters of property

Quere as to subject matters situate elsewhere than in England

2 1 Mode of conducting the business
1 2. Preparation for concluding the business

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