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1831 May 30


J. B. to England on Parly Candidates


Yes, my Children let me shew in a line though it were but a single line of
this, in Common Law — invested with the name of Law made by a
man is now having authority to make law, and then I will
than I am a and that they are not among the most
of all impostors actual or possible.

[+] lawyers of all denominations
and in all situations
— at desks, at
Bars, on Benches
are feasting upon law
together and doing

Jeremy Bentham to the Electors of Englan

My Children
How beautiful! how bright, the day that dawns
upon us! Justice is denied and sold: Representatives whose will shall be the will of the people are
about to be are for the first time! W state they be Read what follows you look
why, and for what purpose? I call upon you for your confidence
I am will you do ill by yourselves in giving it in? Read how Judges

Justice is denied and sold, denied to the
all to whom it is not sold: denied to the one out of how shall we
say? in one out of 50
or one out of a hundred?

vast money: sold at prices to the f
Which of them of you [all] who of you is there who if he has no enemy
f who can come up to the p desired to all
in one enemy if he has one, does not b to men, who
who can not come up to it. A dispute at law which might
to it to a certain degree rich and richer then he has it can
in few numbers might be heard and d according
pleading in his power to consign him to utter ruin sending him to
to justice open out for ,
jail, and stripping him of every thing that he has. [+]
and then determining contrary to justice: a dispute at law
which might be heard and determined in five minutes at less expense than four shillings,
accordingly justice made to cost as many a as many
thousand pounds, and then determined contrary otherwise than according to justice.
To Not of in the which f of
land is there the title to which is secure By lawyers
themselves, lawyers in high public trust, lawyers
trust their b public body afforded affected in print,
still , and still in no shape by any means

Think, see, and
feel (for you all
feel it but too sensibly)
what at
this moment is the
that of
in this country
the so-called Matchless
Constitution, the
state and condition
of law and Government:
Behold Me
for I will shew you
what it might and
ought to be, not what
it by choosing for your
Agents the men I
shall have to speak
to you of, it depends
upon you to make it
to be.

First then .. how
stands the number at

the dirty work for any
and every one that will
pay for it?

Every day are men punished — punished for not doing this
which is impossible — punished for not doing that has
been made impossible for
those things the doing of which by
them is impossible, being purposely made is kept so by those in who the
very men who thus punish them, punishable for disobedience to laws
never made known to them — punished for disobedience to
laws that have not been so much as

Rights are given [to men] in p: not for want of
[their] being known to those to whom they are thus given, ill
bought from them is denial

From one single fast (for it is just sufficient) been what
english Judges , been about Lords and Commons are! For
setting his hand to a single paper without the thought of so much
as a moment bestowed upon it — without in use on any such
thought. £570 by a man in the situation of Judge. £570
exacted at
exacted such is the name of
a fine! By
of a set of men constituting
a lot is called a Committee
of what is called a House.
and that an Honourable House, , the fact declared, and no as ref sp,
not to speak of punishment.

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