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1831 May 7 M


Ch.1. Genesis Analyticsynthetic
1. Analytic
Modes of of genesis in
say formation of plain
figure two: 1 the analytic:
2. the synthetic

Ch. or Of the two modes of genesis is say generation;
applied to plain figures: namely the analytic mode ; 2
the synthetic mode.

The By the synth analytic mode understand plain 2
By the analytic is
employed a mass of
really existing matter
natural or artificially
by a flat or say
plain instrument, it
is supposed to be
divided into two parts
and by each part is
then produced
a new surface

which consists in taking in hand some actually existent
solid body as say mass of matter, natural or artificial
and by after cutting it in pieces in a part by an
an instrument say a spatula in this or that prescribed
direction exhibiting two new surface that were not less
than exhibited by it

Be is the operation is prefThe solid then employed may be present the
to-be-cut solid, is in one word from the Luke, the second 3
Name of the solid
thus cut, the ; if
the plane cutting it
the secant: This turn
of the it in as the parts then formed
the segments. This turn
also is in 4
These two segments
maywill with reference
to each other be either
1. equals or 2. unequal
If unequal, one will
be the lesser; the other
the greater

The two solids thus produced may be usual
the sectional result or say from the Latin segments This
word is actually in us

The plate or say spatula by which the has been performed
may be , the secant. This form is actually
in use

In some instances the solid species of solid applicable
to this purpose is to be found exemplified in bodies such
as they are produced by the hand of Nature, neither
produced nor modified by human art: this may be termed 5
Exemplified with an
instance of some sort of these
solids by bodied produced

by Nature without
the intervention of art:
others not without such call them naturally existing solid<add>solid</add>
intervention: call them
artificially-produced solids. |

natural solids

In other instances they are not to be found produced
by the hand of nature : call them naturally existing solids. not producing any otherwise the be
human art: these may be termed artificially-produced, or say artificial solids6
Compleatly regularly [+]

solids: now (it is believed)
except among saline

Of the degree of regularity capable of being exemplified
and actually in use to be exemplified, in the case of artificial solids
in very few instances is any exempt to be found among natural solid.

[+] the number altogether capable of having plaice the artificially - produced solids: very few the naturally existing: only among saline
crystallization are examples to be found; namely the cubical crystals of common salt must be parallelo crystals of some other salt or salts

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of the two modes of genesis in any generator, applied to plane figures: namely, 1 the analytic mode 2 the synthetic mode


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